I will be out of the office till May 16, 2014.    Feel free to place your order with us as shipments will continue during my absence.   Please be patient, as they might be a little slow.  Thank you for your understanding.   John

We do not sell parts in groups the way Daisy did, we sell our parts individually so the part numbers may be slightly different. Please click on the item number and read the descriptions carefully. There are numerous cases where different manufacturers have used the same model number and/or same part number, we differentiate the manufacturers by using a 1, 2, or 3 letter prefix to the manufacturer's part numbers.  For example: ANS for Anschutz, BEE for Beeman, BEN for Benjamin, BS for BeSquare,
CRS for Crosman, F for Feinwerkbau, G for Gamo, H for Haenel,  HYS for HyScore, SHE for Sheridan, WAL for Walther, WEB for Webley, WEI for Weihrauch, etc.   Also, many parts are used in different model guns. For example, CRS130-032 is the bolt O-ring for a Crosman 137, 147, 157, 157, 167, 187, 1377, etc. but may only be listed for the Crosman model 137. We are trying to include these cross references where ever possible. SEAL KIT part numbers can be found on our TECH TALK webpage.   PARTS MANUALS and OWNERS MANUALS can be found HERE.  Please contact us directly if you have any problems finding  your desired item.

  You can make secure purchases on-line using our secure shopping cart or print the order to send with your check.  We can ship to another address, if desired.   Please be sure you understand our shipping, return, and payment policies. We are adding pictures and new items almost daily, so please check back often.  In order to hold shipping costs to a minimum, we will only be shipping 1 or 2 days a week,  so please be patient, we will get your order processed and shipped as soon as reasonably possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding.  You will receive an automatic email when the order is placed, when it is being processed, and when it is being shipped, as well as if we have questions or problems with your order.  Please be sure that your spam blocker allows email from us to be received.  If you do not receive the automatic email from us your order has not been received.   Thank you for your understanding.

  A portion of our shipping policy is reproduced here to help you select the correct method of shipping for the type item you are purchasing.  We do not ship airguns, liquids, pellets, or CO2 cylinders through the post office, except for internationally(CO2 cylinders can not be sent internationally). The customer is responsible for all shipping charges, we reserve the right to adjust the shipping charges or method of shipment, if the incorrect method of shipping is chosen, the amount is insufficient, or if another method of shipping is less expensive or more convenient. We reserve the right to ship ALL domestic packages via UPS and not the post office.  All UPS shipments are traceable and insured and this is our preferred way of shipping, so please provide a street address for UPS delivery. Post Office shipments are not traceable unless Express Mail is used, therefore, if you select another method of postage other then Express Mail it may not be insured and is at your own risk. Most small orders or orders of small parts will be shipped in padded envelopes, while most large items and  fragile items will be shipped boxed. Please consider this when selecting your shipping method. "Flat Rate Envelopes" are 9 inches by 12 inches, do not select this method if you are ordering a  book , barrel, other large items ,or a large quantity of small items.  Please do not return any merchandise with prior approval. We assess a 10 percent restocking fee on returned merchandise. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding on this matter.


We recommend only  "Priority Mail"  insured or "Express Mail", which is the only mail service truly traceable.  ALL INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS WILL BE VIA THE POST OFFICE NOT UPS!. International shipments which are not insured for the full amount are at the buyers own risk.  "Flat Rate Envelopes" are 9 inches by 12 inches, do not select this method if you are ordering a  book , barrel, other large items, or a large quantity of small items.  We are truly sorry for any additional expense and inconvenient this causes our international customers but our losses (and customers losses) have been excessive as well as the  problems with the post office have been experiencing .
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