Contact infomation
  I will be out of the office till May 16, 2014.   Feel free to place your order with us as shipments will continue during my absence.   Please be patient as they might be a little slow.  Thank you for your understanding.   John

It's best to telephone us between noon and 5 PM central time Friday.  It is hit or miss when trying to reach us by phone because we have to make time for visiting the rifle range, hunting, participating in gun shows, the unexpected, etc. and can not always hear the phone over the machinery when working in our shop. You can leave a message or an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Email is probably the best way to reach us. Please check our  "On-line e-store"  for parts before attempting to contact us.  Please be patient we will respond to all calls (as long as your message is clear) and emails. Thank you for your understanding.


We try to answer all emails in a timely manor but due to the nature of our business it might take several days to get an answer.  If you expect us to reply to your email please make sure that your spam blocker will allow you to receive email from us.   Please be patient.  If you need parts or accessories please check our on-line e-store for airgun items.  If you need technical assistance please check our Tech Talk page, you will find seal kits information and other technical information listed there.  You can email us at: 


Mailing Address

Conact us for the shipping address, please do not use the following address for packages, thank you.     JG Airguns, LLC,  PO Box 830,  Mundelein, IL 60060-0830

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