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To locate the parts you need, click on the first letter of the Airgun Manufacturer, then click on the Model number of your gun. This will bring up a complete list of parts that we have for your model. Please read Description/Details carefully and Click Add to Cart. When you have finished shopping, click on your cart, enter your contact details, select your shipping method, select your payment method and finally click on Submit Order.

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JG Airguns, LLC
Although JGAirguns has been a full service airgun repair and parts supply business since 1993, now our primary business is supplying airgun parts, pellet gun parts, and BB gun, Spring Piston,CO2, Pneumatic airguns parts to repair shops and hobbyists. Our stock of new, used, NOS, and reproduction parts is quite extensive and dates as far back as the 1850s. We also supply books, pellets, BBs, scopes, and accessories. We hope our website provides a valuable reference and useful source for your airgun needs.  Thank you for visiting our website and for your patronage.

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JG Airguns, LLC
JG Airguns, LLC

We offer a wide variety of seals for most makes and models of BB guns, Pellet guns, CO2 guns, and Spring guns. Our seals are always new and the highest quality seals available. For everything from leather to synthetic, English or Metric, face seals, end seals, piston seals, plunger seals, valve seals, we have them all and more!

Seal Kits
JG Airguns, LLC

All of our seal kits are COMPLETE. No unnecessary parts. All of the parts you need to re-seal your gun. Some models have more than one seal kit so be sure to read the descriptions carefully to purchase the kit best suited for your model. Our kits work with most Airguns, including models of BB guns, Pellet guns, CO2 guns, and Spring guns.

JG Airguns, LLC

Our extensive stock of products includes everything you might need to repair or rebuild almost any make or model of airgun. We offer a wide variety of parts for modern and antique, domestic and foreign including: triggers, valves, sights, screws, springs, stocks, forearms, and anything else you can imagine. We also offer a variety of oils, ammunition, downloadable manuals, books, and factory tools to help with your repair. You will also find a great deal of helpful information on our Technical Pages.