P. Y. Hahn was President of Crosman.   According to Dean Fletcher, Crosman did not want to market BB guns for a variety of reasons, Hahn started his own company or a subsidiary to market BB guns.     This is a BB CO2 - 6 shot revlover based on the style of the Colt 45 Peacemaker and sold as the Hahn 45 BB Single Action Revolver.   It was later marketed under the Crosman name.


Hahn, Crosman SA-6, 45, 36, 44-.177 and 44-.22 are all very similar.  There were many part number changes and improvements over the years and many of the valves and other parts were switched between the models.  Some changes were not noted on the schematics.   Some were done by collectors and dealers.  Therefore, the only sure way to find out which seals and parts are in your particular gun, is to disassemble it and compare the parts and assemblies to the Schematics for those models, to be able to order by part number..


To see a picture of the 1956 version of the  Hahn 45 and early Crosman 45 disassembled, CLICK HERE.

To see Schematic of the 1959 version of the Exhaust Valve CLICK HERE

To see a Schematic of the 1969 version of the Crosman 45 CLICK HERE.

To see Schematic of the 1970 version of the Exhaust Valve CLICK HERE

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