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EXCHANGE REQUIRED COMPLETE Seal Kit for 880 series guns (880, 822 plastic Stock only, 881, 917, 920, 922, 977, etc. made before 1995 that have a metal Receiver and a ring pressed in to the compression Tube about an inch from the Rear end. It also fits on the Sears and Ted Williams versions of this like Model 799.19072. This Kit is a complete Kit of all the soft parts that wear, it includes all the soft parts that are designed to wear on those Models. You will need a vise or Clamp that opens to 8 inches to compress the elastomer so that the roll Pin in the pump Piston rod can be re-installed. This Kit includes; 2 CRSJTX-080, DAI717-22 (Screw in Valve), DAI133081000, DAI880CS1, and DAI880FO. Some of the last production guns with metal Receivers have the new style snap in Valve and this Kit will not work in them. If you have a gun you think was made in the middle 1990s I suggest you disassemble it before placing an order for this item. The very early guns had a Barrel that was held on with a Clamp and had a gasket under the Barrel. Those are not available and best made out of a piece of rubber. YOU MUST PLACE YOUR ORDER FIRST, THEN SEND YOUR PART WITHIN 5 BUSINESS DAYS.  YOUR EXCHANGE PART IS NEEDED BECAUSE THIS PART IS OBSOLETE AND NO LONGER AVAILABLE.  WE NEED YOUR PART TO REBUILD TO ENSURE FUTURE SALES.  YOUR PART MUST BE REBUILDABLE - NO BROKEN METAL.   YOUR ORDER WILL SHIP WITHIN 5-7 BUSINESS DAYS AFTER WE RECEIVE YOUR EXCHANGE.  PLEASE SEND EXCHANGE PART (IN A PADDED ENVELOPE) VIA USPS ONLY (NOT FED EX OR UPS),   TO JGAIRGUNS, P.O. BOX 830, MUNDELEIN, IL 60060.  PLEASE DO NOT REQUIRE  A SIGNATURE (YOUR PART WILL BE REFUSED) AND DO NOT SIGN US UP FOR AUTOMATIC EMAIL UPDATES FROM THE POST OFFICE.