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This form is only for use when the answer to your question has not been addressed on our website and FAQ page.

The key to a successful experience on our website is to READ). 

1.  READ the instructions on the homepage

2.  READ the description of all parts

3.  READ the schematics.

4.  READ our Terms and Conditions before purchases.

5.  READ all emails that you receive from us.

6.  READ Technical pages.

To help our customers better utilize our website as a reference and as a self-service webstore, we have found it most helpful to teach customers how to find the answers to all of their questions without emailing us and waiting up to 2 business days for a response.  If you have a question, please click HERE for our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page .  There you will find answers to 90% of the most commonly asked questions.  The FAQ page will provide immediate answers.  You may have to wait up to 2 business days for a response to an email question.   If your email question is already addressed on our FAQ page, you will be re-directed to that page.

Occasionally, customers will ask a question that inevitably, applies to more than one part that they are interested in purchasing.   For example, “Will this part work on my gun?” Instead of telling them “yes” or “no”, we have found that it is more helpful to all customers to provide them with instructions on how to answer their questions using our website. This way, they won’t need to ask the same question for every part that are interested in purchasing.  This will help now and on future orders and questions.  If you look, you will find that most answers can be found on our website, on schematics, in the description of each part, on the FAQ page and on our “Technical” pages.

Thank you for your cooperation. 

 Heather Groenewold-Rowan and John Groenewold

JGAirguns, LLC


Again, please check our FAQ page before submitting a question.  You may just find an immediate answer. 



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