Crosman and Hahn Western Style CO2 revolvers CO2 Cylinder Seals.


This includes:

Crosman SA6

Crosman 36,

Crosman 44,

Crosman 45, and

Hahn 45


The End seal or Face seal is the seal that seals the gun (valve) against the CO2 cylinder. There were 5 different valves used on these models. They are all interchangeable if complete and correct.


The Hahn was the first one produced and the seal looks like an o-ring near the edge of the large opening where the CO2 cylinder fits. If you were to compare it to an o-ring, you would see that it is different. The cross section of an o-ring is round. The cross section of this seal is not round, but more like oval. This seal is CRS45A017 (45-17a, 45-017a, 45a017) and seals against the shoulder of the CO2 cylinder.


The Crosman 45 used the same seal. It was later changed to CRS45-052 Seal and CRS45-051 Seal Retainer. This is a small flat seal that is deep in the front of the valve and seals against the tip of the CO2 cylinder. This seal is approximately 3/8 inch in diameter. Crosman then tried to simplify the design and changed the seal to CRS45-053 approximately 5/16 in diameter and did not use the Seal Retainer CRS45-051.


This arrangement was not the best, as without the retainer, the seal was commonly blown our of the gun when changing CO2 cylinders. In 1965, the Valve was redesigned to use a larger seal CRS38-096 and seal retainer CRS38-024. This was a larger, black, flat seal. By 1975, this was changed to CRS38-128 opaque oval cross section seal and CRS500-064 Screw in Seal Retainer.


Additional changes inside the valve were also made. However, as the older seals became unavailable and following Crosman’s recommendations the entire valve assemblies were changed. Therefore, the only way to determine what seal is needed is by examining the inside front of the valve itself to see which seal it will accept. Additionally, many repair shops installed the latest type valve assembly after Crosman redesigned the shape of the CO2 cylinders because the early guns using the CRS45A017, CRS45-052, and CRS45-053 seals would not seal or puncture the cylinder because the neck of the cylinder had been shortened. Old style CO2 Cylinders have a crimped on tip and the redesigned ones have a flat flush tip.


Compiled by John Groenewold, JG Airguns, LLc