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Welcome to our secure catalog. Some of the items will undoubtably show a quantity of zero. This is because many of the items are obsolete or one of a kind.  However, many will be simply out of stock, such as currently available items and accessories, like airgun parts for current production airguns, which we might have on reorder and be waiting for a shipment to arrive. We have a minimum order of $15.00. We reserve the right to adjust the shipping charges to cover our actal shipping costs. 
We do not sell airgun parts in groups the way Daisy did, we sell our airgun parts individually, so the part numbers may be slightly different. Please click on the item number and read the descriptions carefully. If the part you are interested in, does not have a picture and you are not sure you would be ordering the correct part, contact us and we will post a picture as soon as possible. We are adding new pictures and parts daily.
There are numerous cases where different manufacturers have used the same model number and/or same part number.  We differentiate the manufacturers by using a 1, 2, or 3 letter prefix to the manufacturer's part numbers. For example: ANS for Anschutz, BEE for Beeman, BEN for Benjamin, CRS for Crosman, F for Feinwerkbau, G for Gamo, H for Haenel, HYS for HyScore, SHE for Sheridan, WAL for Walther, WEB for Webley, WEI for Weihrauch, etc. Also, many parts are used in different model guns. For example, CRS130-032 is the bolt O-ring for a Crosman 137, 147, 157, 157, 167, 187, 1377, Daisy 717, 747, 777, etc. but may only be listed for the Crosman model 137. It is also used on the Smith and Wesson, some Umarex airguns, and other Daisy and Crosman models. I am sorry but we have not been able to make all the connections and links on our website. We are trying to include these cross references wherever possible. If you see one that needs to be made or can not find a part number cross reference, please feel free to contact us through our "Contact Us" webpage and we will make the correction/addition.   Please click on the item and read the Details/ Descriptions carefully.   
For security reasons, we only accept Credit Card through our website.  We do not accept checks or money orders or mail orders. 
If you are purchasing an item that is rebuilt and requires an exchange or core to be sent in,  print the order, and send it to the address on the order and below.
JG Airguns, LLC, PO Box 830, Mundelein, IL 60060-0830. This address is for exchange parts only, do not sends guns or questions.
Our website is linked to the US Post Office computer, they calculate your shipping charges.  They will present several shipping options and costs at the time of check out and before you complete your purchase. Be sure to consider insurance because if you do not and your shipment suffers a loss or breakage, it will not be covered.  We are not responsible once the package enters the postal system.
Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you enjoy shopping here.