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Recommended Reading

Most new airguners are at a loss for informative literature and references. Below is a partial list of Technical and Historical Reference books. Additional information can be found in owners manual, factory service manuals, catalogs, Airgun Periodicals, Airgun Hunting books, firearm books.



175 Year of United States Pneumatic Airgun Patents, By Robert E. LeDuox

75 Years of Crosman Airguns, By Dean T. Fletcher

Air Guns, Air Canes, and Air Weapons, By Reilly (Download available on our website.  CLICK HERE

Air Rifles and Air Pistols Post 1945 in Germany,2nd Edition, Ernst G. Dieter

Air Rifles, 4th Edition, By Dennis Hiller.

Air-Guns & Air-Pistols, By L. Wesley, Revised by G. V. Cardew

Airgun Batteries, By Eldon G. Wolff

Airgun Digest, 1st Edition, By Robert Beeman

Airgun Digest, 2nd Edition, By J. I. Galan

Airgun Digest, 3rd Edition, By J. I. Galan

Airgun Odyssey, by Steve Hanson (Available on our website. CLICK HERE)

Airguns and Other Pneumatic Arms, By Arne Hoff

Airguns, By Eldon G. Wolff  (Available on our website. CLICK HERE)

Air Pistols, By Dennis E. Hiller

All About Airguns, By Robert J. Traister

American Air Rifles, By James E. House  (Available on our website. CLICK HERE)

Ammo Boxes From Around The World, By Kenth Friberg

An Encyclopedia of Daisy Plymouth Guns, By Gary Garber

Bailey and Colombian Air Rifles, By William H. Johnson

Blue Book of Airguns

Blue Book of Antique American Firearms & Values

Blue Book of Gun Values

British Gunmakers, Their Trade Cards, Cases, and Equipment 1780- 1860

BSA and Lincoln Jeffries Air Rifles, By John Knibbs (Available on our website.  CLICK HERE)

CO2 Pistols & Rifles, By James E. House (Available on our website. CLICK HERE)

Complete Book of the Air Gun, By Nonte

Construction and Operation of the Air Gun, Vol 1, Revised 2nd Edition, The Austrian Army Repeating Air Rifle, By G. Baker and C. Currie

Construction and Operation of the Air Gun, Vol 2, The Walking Stick Air Gun, By G. Baker and C. Currie

Daisy Air Rifles and BB Guns, By Neal Punchard

Daisy, It all Starts Here, By Joe C. Murfin (Available on our website.  CLICK HERE )

Dictionary of Guns and Gunmakers

Exploded Airgun Drawings, 3rd Edition, By John Groenewold

Gas, Air, and Spring Guns, By W. H. B. Smith

Images of America, Plymouth’s Air Rifle Industry, By Elizabeth Kelley Kerstens

Internal Ballistics of a Spring Air Pellet Gun, By Stephen J. Compton

It’s A Daisy, By Cass S. Hough (Available on our website. CLICK HERE)

Know Your Sheridan, By Ronald E. Elbe

Modern Airweapon Shooting, By Churchill & Davies

Pneumatic Arms and Oddities, By Michael R. Parks

Quackenbush Guns, By John Groenewold (Available on our website.  CLICK HERE)

QB78 Family Workshop Manual, by Stephen Archer (Available on our website.  CLICK HERE)

Sheridan Classic American Air Rifles, By U. J. Backus

The Airgun Book, 4th Edition, By John Walter

The Airgun From Muzzle To Target, By G. V. Cardew and G. M. Cardew

The Airgun From Trigger To Muzzle, By G. V. Cardew, G. M. Cardew, & E. R. Elsom

The American BB Gun, By Arni T. Dunathan

The Art of Collecting Airguns, By Robert D. Beeman

The Beeman R1, By Tom Gaylord

The Complete Feinwerkbau Spirter Owner Manual, by Air Rifle Headquarters  (Download available on our website. CLICK HERE)

The Crosman Arms Model 160 Pellgun, By Dean T. Fletcher

The Crosman Rifle 1923-1950, By Dean T. Fletcher

The Daisy Spittin” Image Modal 179 BB Six Gun, By Lewis E. Wood

The Encyclopedia of Spring Air Pistols, By John Griffiths

The Golden Century, By John Knibbs

The Scheiffel and Kunitomo Air Guns, By Eldon G. Wolff

The St. Louis and Benjamin Air Rifle Co’s, By Dean T. Fletcher

The Toolmaker’s Airgun, By Paul Betts

Toys That Shoot and Other Neat Stuff, By James L. Dundas

Webley Air Pistols, By Gordon Bruce

Webley Air Rifles 1925-2005, By Christopher Thrale

Weihrauch Handbook, by Air Rifle Headquarters (Download available on our website.  CLICK HERE)








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