Q) Should I purchase some individual parts or a COMPLETE seal kit?

A) If your gun is leaking it is our recommendation that all the seals and valves be replaced. Our seal kits are complete! If a seal kit is not available for your model, you will need to purchase all of the seals individually. If you do not replace ALL of the soft parts (seals, valves, and o-rings) at the same time, you greatly reduce your chance of a successful repair. Once you take your gun apart, a seal that was working could become scratched during disassembly and assembly. Also, a working seal can be weak and fail as soon as the pressure builds up after replacing a seal known to be bad. Additionally, you might not change the correct seal and in redoing the repair, another seal could be damaged. Example, if your gun has 4 seals and you only replace one, your chance of success is only about 25%. Please use our webpages for the schematic of your model, it should illustrate all the seals, o-rings, valves, and other parts necessary for your model. The seal kit will be listed with the parts.

A seal kit is just that - a SEAL kit. It is not a repair kit that will fix all of your gun’s problems. But it is always the best place to start. While your gun is apart, inspect all the other parts for wear, fit, corrosion, especially springs for weakness.

Q) How do I send an Airgun to you for repair?

A) Unfortunately, we are not accepting repairs at this time.

Q) Can I drop off or pick up my parts since I am in your area or want to save shipping?


A)   We do not have a store front. We are an online business only. So no drop offs or pick ups are available.  

Q) Why do you need my exchange part and how do I send it to you?

A) We need your exchange because many parts are obsolete and have not been made in decades. So we need yours to rebuild to ensure future sales.  You must send in the exact same part that you are purchasing (usually you can see a picture.  Do NOT send extra parts, as they will NOT be returned to you.  As noted in the description of all parts that require an exchange,YOUR ORDER WILL SHIP WITHIN 5-7 BUSINESS DAYS AFTER WE RECEIVE YOUR EXCHANGE. PLEASE SEND EXCHANGE PART (IN A PADDED ENVELOPE) TO JGAIRGUNS, P.O. BOX 830, MUNDELEIN, IL 60060. Please do not require a signature, it WILL be returned to you. Please ship priority mail or request a tracking number because if we do not receive your exchange, we cannot sell you the part.

Q) I can’t see the Airgun part I require?

A) We are continually updating and adding items to our site. Many parts are obsolete. Once they sell out, it is very difficult to predict when we will acquire more.

Q) How much do you charge for Postage?

A) Our website is linked to the Post Office computer and it will present several shipping options before you check out. Postage is automatically calculated at the time of ordering based on the weight of the ordered items and the location of the delivery address.  WE SHIP WORLDWIDE.

Q) How much is the item?

A) All prices are listed by the item. If an item has a zero price, it is either not available or will tell you to purchase another item instead because the original part was replaced by the manufacturer.

Q) If parts are obsolete, how do you have them?

A) Our parts are new, used, NOS or reproductions.

Q) Why can’t I pay with PayPal anymore.

A) We used to accept PayPal. But after years of poor service, we were forced out by their anit-gun policies. Now we only accept credit cards, but your information is not stored on our system.

Q) Why don't I receive my email updates?

A) There are only 2 reasons that you are not receiving your email updates about your order or answers to your email questions. 1) You have entered your email address incorrectly in your account or on your email question. 2) You or your computer have blocked the JGAirguns email address and our emails to your are being blocked or sent to your spam folder.

Q) Why is it so import to purchase insurance when I check out?

A) Insurance is there to protect you and your purchase against loss or damage. It is required on all orders over $100.00. Anything less than that is your choice. Without insurance, if your purchased is lost or damage, we cannot replace the items. Many items are plastic or one of a kind. We package all items carefully, but if it is one of a kind, it cannot be replaced.

Q) How do I download the PDF I purchased?

A) You have 5 attempts or 5 days to download your PDF. Once it expires, it cannot be reinstated and you will need to purchase again. We highly recommend you follow the instructions upon checkout and download immediately so you do not miss the deadline. Login into your account, “View” the order that contains the download, and click the big, blue “Download” button.

Q) How do I find out the status of my order.

A) Log into your account, click on view to see the order you want to check on, then read the comments in the comment field of the order. These comments have already been emailed to you. If you did not receive them, please make sure you email address on your account is correct and check your spam folder.